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To be trusted is a greater
compliment than being loved

Who we are

As a boutique agency with performance transcending our size, we have offered our clients first-class translation solutions for over 25 years.

We are always reliable and fulfill your expectations. Clients call us consistent and engaged. That makes us very proud. We always stand by your side and are there for you.

Supporting our clients is our raison d’être. We create tailored translations for you with innovative tools through which you can impact your partners abroad efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our customers recognize the enhanced value that we bring to their products and services and appreciate us for it. Large multinational businesses feel as comfortable with us as individual clients.

Estimates are always provided without charge.

We are the translators you want to have in your address book!

Like art translation needs creativity

Translation is an art

Without perfect professional translation your message runs the risk of being misunderstood and not optimally representing your brand. Your developments, market analyses and sales strategies go nowhere if your statements do not resonate throughout the world.

While technical translations must be exact and precise and legal texts require the knowledge of the legal systems in the countries of the working language, in both cases it is about the communication of information.

Marketing texts and advertising slogans are different. They arouse emotions. Achieving this in the foreign language demands the translator’s creativity, since cultural heritage, shared values and, naturally, languages set countries and their people apart.

Transcreation describes the transformation of a text to ensure that its essential message comes through in another cultural context with its differing tonality, style and how people think. It is successful when it thereby arouses the message’s desired emotions and images. Clients today know that successful transcreation leverages their brand’s visibilty.

A perfect translation
reads like the original

How we work

Always entrust your translation to a native-speaking expert for it to sound like an original. For us at TAG this is the top priority, just like absolute adherence to deadlines. For many years we have worked together very confidently with our academic and exclusively native-speaking expert translators.
We know each other.

Our translation projects follow a set pattern. Before we begin, we ask the following questions:
What is the source language, what is the target language? What specific area does it deal with? Where will the text be used? Who is the reader?

The answers to these help us with the following decisions:
Which translator is qualified for this job? To whom do we entrust the execution? How do we support our translators? Who is responsible for project management and quality control?

Using the world’s leading translation software and translation memories is conditio sine qua non for us. This is how we guarantee the consistency of terms and concepts, and strive to save costs.

A passion for languages

About Uta Baubin

Uta Baubin founded TAG Translation Agency in 1992.

She imitated foreign languages even as a child because she loved their sound. Many years of Latin and linguistic study deepened her understanding of the philosophy of language. The word ‘philosophy’ combines the old Greek words ‘philia’ (love) and ‘sophia’ (wisdom)”, she says, “both are indispensable if one works with language.”

About the development of her business the owner explains: “Our expertise and reputation are grounded on many years’ translation activity in the industrial and manufacturing technology sectors. We count among our valued clients the world’s second largest printing machine manufacturer.

With the expanding requirements of our clients, we extended our activity into other areas. Today we support them with our international network of highly specialized expert translators just as reliably when they require contracts, patents, T&C, etc. in another language.

We focus on the public image of your brand when we translate your production brochures, websites, company newsletters and marketing campaigns. This is where transcreation becomes critical.”

Translations are like bridges:
they convey messages across borders

Where we support you

A translation brings your message to the people on the other side of the bridge. We gladly take on this work for you.

Precise language and content, creative adaption and a wide spectrum of expertise are the hallmarks of our professionalism. Our main focus is in the following areas:

Industrial and manufacturing technology
Law firms and corporate legal offices
Marketing and
public relations
Certificates and documents

Commitment is an attitude

In the words of our clients

“The TAG Translation Agency is a competent, flexible and professional translation services provider that goes the “extra mile” for its clients. We as a company in the healthcare area need specialized translation services that can deliver the perfect text.
We found in TAG Translation Agency a service partner that is capable of identifying solutions depending on language and area. They offer competent solutions in their network. Doing that allows you to use only one outsourcing provider, saving time and resources.”
Dr. Francisco Harrison
Harrison CST Holdings GmbH
“We also naturally receive international guests in our hotel which makes an English-language website indispensable.
TAG worked extremely professionally and confidently on the translation of our entire homepage. All text blocks were rendered understandable and in context. We recom-
mend the agency without hesitation and thank Frau Baubin for the pleasant cooperation.“
Lothar Bezold
Owner of Schlosshotel Steinburg